The PM is in the House!

Boris & Rishi visit Octopus Energy to deliver a glowing endorsement for the team who are literally saving the world!    

It was great to see Constantine the fluffy Octopus featured during the visit by Boris and Rishi to Octopus Energy to promote the creation of 1,000 jobs and the government’s pledge to switch to renewable energy from fossil fuel permanently. We at Precision provide numerous services to Octopus Energy to help them become the best at what they do from our Carbon Neutral base in Bury St Edmunds.

We have been working with Octopus Energy from the time they were a challenger brand to the big energy operators. They are now one of the big boys since becoming a Unicorn (market value of $1billion) earlier this year and committing to recruiting 1000 new employees.

See Boris Johnson's tweet for more details

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