Meet Precision.

We’ve been in business for over 25 years, growing to become one of the UK’s largest marketing services providers.


We began as data providers to the pharmacy sector and have grown steadily, amassing expertise along the way and expanding our facilities to offer the complete range of marketing services.

With a dedicated team of experienced staff and 20,000 square feet of production floor, we can take care of your entire campaign from start to finish.

Meet some of the team.


Matthew Caldwell-Nichols

Chairman & Founder of Precision

Matt started Precision from his kitchen table. He spotted a need for contact data in the Pharmacy sector and created a database solution, that quickly expanded to client need for print and mailing, and Precision Marketing was born. Matt is an environmentalist, spotting the need to tackle and reverse the environmental damage to our planet before most and set out to do something about it within the business. mailto: tel:01284 718 900

Ying Li

Managing Director

Ying’s journey from Finance Assistant to MD in just 15 years proves one thing; she is smarter than the rest of us! She is a finance whiz and gets a grasp of the critical numbers in breakneck speed. She is calm, assured and has an eye for detail, ensuring her teams deliver their very best work for our clients. mailto: tel: 01284 718 902

Nick Pryke

Chief Operating Officer

Nick is responsible for keeping our print and mail operation ‘squeaky green’. Ensuring that our client campaigns are delivered in full and on time every time. With a passion for sustainability he will try to recycle anything that’s not bolted down! mailto: tel: 01284 718 906

Tim Stopher

Chief Technical Officer

Tim is our Technology and Digital expert, running our team of developers and IT support. Tim is also our resident miracle worker having to work magic with a vast array of crazy ideas and turn them into deliverable projects! When he isn’t solving complex technical problems he can be found behind the lens of one of his 35 vintage film cameras! mailto: tel: 01284 718 903

Gary Howard

Chief Digital Officer

Gary has lived through the digital transformation and has survived to tell the tale. He is champion of local marketing and has worked with some of the worlds most recognised brands in delivering a national message to a local audience. Gary is often mistaken for Ed Balls, who is (in Gary’s opinion) a remarkably good looking chap with a razor sharp mind and a personality to match! mailto: tel: 01284 718 904

Vince Palmer

Programme Director

Vince’s focus is on automation and making things simple to process. Looking after our Connects platform, he ensures that our client’s orders are processed as cost-effectively and as efficiently as possible. Vince has a passion for blending technology with traditional account management expertise. We just need to automate Vince so we can programme more hours in his working day! mailto: tel:0808 123 123 5

Hayley Gardner

Senior Account Manager

Hayley is Precision’s Queen of Direct Mail, what she doesn’t know about postage you could write on the back of a stamp! When she’s not in the office managing your campaign she’ll happily take you for a glass of wine and lunch to discuss it. Hayley is our senior key account manager and will unlock all your campaign challenges. mailto: tel: 01284 718 917

Kevin Railton

Account Manager

Kevin is our specialist in direct marketing campaigns for testing new to market products. From Chocolate bars to soap powder Kevin can fulfil your needs! Kevin is keen on beer, music and travel and frequently combines all three on his many trips into Europe. mailto: tel: 01284 718 917

Paul Tyrrell

Business Development Manager

Paul is a former local radio DJ and vegan convert. Replacing his edgy beats with veggie treats Paul’s cheesy patter is reserved for company voiceovers these days. Paul is renowned for activating some of our more unusual campaign requests, such as the fulfilment of 10,000 trees for Octopus Energy. We are proud of our green endeavours, but a forest in the car park was maybe taking things a step too far! mailto: tel: 01284 718 908

Karen Watts

Senior Account Manager

Karen is our Queen of Green, from litter picking to letter packing Karen is our environmental champion. With over 20 years direct marketing knowledge and unflappable nature, Karen can be relied on to deliver for her clients. Away from the office Karen is kept busy running around after her twin girls! mailto: tel: 0808 123 123 5

Alex Coe

Account Manager

Alex is the newest member of the Precision Connects team, joining Precision in March 2022 Alex brings a real sense of fun to the team. Her easy going nature and laughter is enjoyed by both the team and her clients. But little did we know she was a bit of a quiz buff, with some pretty obscure knowledge too! Who knew there was such a thing as a Fennec fox in the deserts of North Africa? Well it turns out that Alex does! mailto: tel:01284 715 297

Lauren Pursell

Account Manager

Lauren loves to get her teeth into a project and nothing escapes her meticulous attention to detail. She is the Precision go to girl for organisation, and will always be the first to sign up for a ‘work do’ and normally the last to leave! mailto: tel: 01284 718 917

Jess Walmsley

Marketing Assistant mailto: tel:01284 718900

Oliver Hilton

Head of Design mailto: tel: 0808 123 123 5

Chris Alderton

Graphic Designer mailto: tel: 01284 718 900

Chris Street

Technical Architect mailto: tel:0808 123 123 5

Victoria Driver

Ecommerce Logistics & Quality Manager mailto: tel: 01284 718 900

Robert McDonald

Database Manager mailto: tel: 01284 718 900

Samantha Thomas

Management Accountant mailto: tel:01284 718 900

Simon Frost

Production Manager mailto: tel: 01284 718 900

Ernesta Kazakeviciute

Customer Support, Logistics and Shipping Co-ordinator mailto: tel: 01284 718 900

Gary Holt

Warehouse Manager mailto: tel:01284 718 900