Powering automated customer communications to revolutionise the utilities sector with Kraken tech.

Kraken integrates with all parts of the utilities system, from renewable generation to supplying customers. This digital first technology has grown to be a global force, becoming the heartbeat of customer communications for the largest energy brands in the world.

Since 2017, Precision has worked with the Kraken team in developing automated solutions that exist to complement and facilitate Kraken customer communications. As the Kraken audience scaled and diversified across brands, the importance of programmatically generated files and fully visible and audited transactions became imperative. In response to this, Precision worked with Kraken to develop Engage, technology written to process static, single customer PDF files, served in a print-ready state but not yet post-ready.


Outbound communication

With tens of thousands of PDFs received daily, the Engage system plays a pivotal role in the mail sorting process, optimising postal discounts, imprinting mail sort barcodes on each file, and aggregating them for seamless delivery to the digital presses for printing, insertion, and entry to the postal system. Precision provides Kraken users with a comprehensive, full-service solution for daily essential mail production, including scanning and managing mail returns to uphold data integrity. The standout feature of Engage lies in its capability to rapidly process files, allowing Precision to flex capacity from 30,000 letters per day to a remarkable 300,000 per day when required. Leveraging a continuous workflow, files are extracted from Kraken and seamlessly presented to the workflow, enabling a highly efficient “lights out” production feed.


Inbound communication

Upon receiving a returned letter, we promptly scan its barcode to ascertain the mailing ID, a unique customer reference. Subsequently, this mailing ID is reintegrated into Kraken for enhanced visibility for the operations team. Scanned copies of these returned letters, alongside original digital PDF’s can be provided as required. The system accommodates all Royal Mail return reasons, encompassing scenarios which can include:

  • Address inaccessible.
  • Address incomplete.
  • Gone away.
  • No such address.
  • Not called for.


Writing back with Engage

Precision built Engage to be dynamic and adaptable, through design that recognises how each client’s needs are unique. This versatility is reflected in Engage’s ability to offer bespoke per-mailing reporting, ensuring that clients receive specific and detailed insights. From processing and despatch times to quantity analysis, clicks, and impressions overview, Engage provides a comprehensive view of campaign performance. Additionally, Engage facilitates trend analysis of orders sent through its system. The platform goes further by offering insights into the splits of message category types, allowing clients to recognise the effectiveness of different communication approaches.


Sustainable print production

Kraken enables utilities to deliver outstanding customer service through a digital first approach. As the demand for essential mail decreases with every generation, Precision are perfectly placed to manage that decline whilst accommodating for peak periods of supply. With major, highly geared print providers relying on printing mail in bulk, this, by default, results in a large, energy heavy, carbon footprint. Through operating with a 100% renewable energy mix from our carbon neutral headquarters, we minimise our impact on the environment. By using technology to do the heavy lifting of file processing, we operate a workflow stream that can be switched, within minutes, to anywhere in the world. We operate a fully serviced and purpose-built production hub that utilises high-speed inkjet presses employing water-based inks, complemented by a suite of laser printers.


Kraken to home 

Customer communications for Kraken goes beyond just bills, statements, and dunning. The ability to deliver physical items that again can be tracked through to the customer via Kraken is a key part of delivering an outstanding customer experience.

We provide warehousing and distribution to enable “Kraken to home” for Kraken users. The Octopus home-mini is just one example of delivering value added services to customers. Kraken’s partnership with Engage means that thousands of households have already benefited from the Home Mini’s insights that have empowered householders to access more detailed information on their energy usage.  Kraken will have sight of every delivery, including tracking from warehouse to home.  Operations will have real time management information on stock management through direct integration with the Precision warehouse management software.


Innovations beyond the energy sector

Kraken has delivered game-changing, market making technology for the energy sector, catering to 54 million customer accounts spanning 17 countries. Yet, this is a technology that can be applied beyond the energy sector. Precision is delighted to continue to support Kraken Technologies as they extend beyond the energy sector, exploring new horizons with water companies and broadband providers to push the boundaries of CRM/ERP platforms in unchartered territories.


The more we work with you, the more we want to work with you.

Catherine Moulds, Supply Chain Manager, Octopus Energy.


Precision has evolved alongside Kraken, becoming an integral part of their journey and an extension of their operations, development, and customer success teams. The speed of growth, the approach to brand building and a determination to disrupt the status quo has been both challenging and rewarding in equal measure. Precision are as much brand Kraken as their team is brand Kraken, we have lived the journey with them and are excited about where that journey will take us.