Green tentacled Octopus distributes 10,000 trees in sustainability campaign.

Octopus Energy wanted to go beyond their commitment to providing 100% renewable electricity and offsetting their emissions. But as we know, actions speak louder than words. So instead of making a performative statement, Octopus executed an ultra green eight-week campaign as one of their first campaigns as a sustainable energy provider. In doing so, they encouraged new generations of gardeners and conservationists to take action against climate change.

Route and branch approach.

When Precision began working with Octopus Energy. We would have never imagined that we would be storing 10,000 trees for eight weeks as part of a national sustainability campaign. However, as the partnership strengthened, the team at Precision began to understand the bark-ing madness of Octopus’ ideas (we’re allowed one tree pun, aren’t we?). Not only that, but the extent to which the Octopus team is dedicated to raising awareness of renewable energy and just how important it is in the fight against climate change, became very apparent.

Soon after the idea was conceived, 10,000 trees arrived at Precision. Not only were we tasked with the job of safely storing this mobile forest. There was also the logistical challenge of arranging six different tree bundles (depending on sensory or wet woodland habitats) to be despatched to 600 schools, charities and community organisations that had been nominated by Octopus Energy’s customers.

We were required to sort, store and, with a regular programme of monitoring and watering, keep the saplings alive for the eight-week campaign period, while we received regular data feeds of new requesters. We carefully selected a suitable courier to ensure a safe and reliable delivery. Plus, despatches were consolidated to reduce the environmental impact of distribution – all bases were covered.


We’re green-tentacled too.

The fulfillment process not only included the trees themselves, but also child-friendly ‘goodie boxes’. These featured flyers, posters, lesson plans, stickers and wildflower seeds – all customisable depending on the type of recipient. All literature had been printed by Precision using 100% recycled materials. In line with the company’s own sustainable direct marketing ethos. Even the plastic sacks – essential for retaining moisture around the tree roots – carried a sticker to encourage reuse.

We asked if they could go beyond the call of duty and look after 10,000 of our tree babies. The Precision team was not taken aback by this, and immediately sought to provide a solution. I felt reassured throughout that all was in hand. They organised the distribution of the trees and coordinated well with us, keeping us informed of deliveries and timescales.

Tim Troy, Product Manager, Octopus Energy.

A nationwide impact.

With some carefully timed deliveries, Precision was able to support 17 nationwide tree-planting events that had been organised by Octopus. Amongst the esteemed participants were celebrities, MPs and dignitaries, who were able to spread the word to their own audiences. The subsequent PR about the company’s tree-mendous efforts (we couldn’t resist sneaking in another pun) achieved a cross-media reach of 1.5 million and, most importantly, 20,000 kg of carbon will be collectively absorbed each year by the trees planted, significantly reducing, and even reversing, the carbon footprint of the entire project.