700,000 Boots Opticians online training modules completed on Precision Infinity Learning Management System.

When over 7,000 Opticians were required to complete critical eye care compliance within 24 hours of the module being posted. The Boots Academy team could relax; Precision’s Infinity digital corporate learning platform delivered the necessary education while Opticians continued their work.

A great example of the Academy’s flexibility… we arrived back from holidays and my phone re-synced when I turned off airplane mode. I had an urgent request for a learner record and managed to download it and email it over 3G on a smartphone, while travelling up the M1. It demonstrated for me what a fantastically mobile solution you’ve created. I also accessed the Academy from Paxos, just because I could!

Nigel P, Academy Manager for Boots.

Building a flexible learning management system.

Boots Opticians needed an online learning management system that was flexible, easy to use and easy to manage by administrators. With Precision’s experience in developing professional learning management systems – GSK’s MyPharmAssist and J&J’s ‘The Pharmacy Training Club’, to name just two – we were ready to take on the challenge of developing and building the e-learning platform for Boots Opticians, one of the most popular opticians in the UK.

We accepted the brief and created the fully branded online portal from scratch. It was highly important for us to build a flexible platform with a simple user interface and analytics which enabled reporting by individual, store and region.

Boots just loved our bespoke, people-focused platform. The enthusiasm for the project was overwhelming, and our logo and design was welcomed on the platform. Even though it stood outside of the traditional Boots branding.


Enhancing development – over 700,000 modules completed.

The platform has been embraced by the staff and is seen as a welcome enhancement to their development with its ease of use.

Since the launch of the Academy for Boots Opticians in October 2015. There have been over 9.6 million visits to the homepage, 12,816 staff registered, and a massive 713,124 modules completed.


Continuous development of the corporate learning platform.

Unlike many other suppliers of learning management systems. When a client signs up to the Precision Infinity LMS, they benefit from a continuous programme of development to keep pace with the ever changing world of corporate learning.

Boots is a great example of a partnership in practice. Where the client has ever-developing requirements and Precision responds with flexibility to deliver through a nimble development process.

This development is then shared across the wider community of clients using Precision’s award winning Infinity LMS. Improving the learner experience, the efficiency of the platform and the return on investment for the client.


The value of extended enterprise learning.

As part of our commitment to deliver a cohesive journey from the Brand (Boots) through to the sales channel (Boots Opticians) through to the customer. We have demonstrated the value of e-learning as the crucial link between the brand and the sales channel.

As well as product and compliance training, the Precision Infinity LMS delivers an always-on, digital connection with all 7,000 employees. To extract the maximum value from this unique connection. We had to deliver corporate learning which was both engaging and valuable to the user.

A Boots Optician is an employee of Boots; therefore they are under the direct control of the brand. In situations where there is a disconnect between the brand owner and the sales channel, extended enterprise learning can bridge that gap. This indirect route to the customer is much harder to influence and that is where the ROI of Precision Infinity is highly quantifiable.

By creating a digital channel that is valued by voluntary learners from your independent sales channel, you not only create an environment to develop expert product knowledge, but also an unprecedented level of influence and brand engagement. The key objective is to create advocates of your brand through the sales channels you have, and the Precision Infinity LMS provides the day to day connection that helps make that a reality.