Extended enterprise learning to support a product launch in a new category.

With the aim of communicating with sales channel partners, increasing distribution channels and launching a new product range into the UK market. Puressentiel partnered with Precision to access our 25 years’ experience and proven success in extended enterprise learning.

When Precision were approached by the team at Puressentiel to help with the launch of their range of aromatherapy products into the UK market. Soon they realised it was not just a simple case of providing training on a new product. Also that there was a job to do to change the mindset of pharmacy staff. As well as improve their understanding of aromatherapy as a healthcare brand. Not just as an adjunct to beauty therapy as a massage oil.

Under the banner of the Puressentiel Académie. A series of extended enterprise learning modules was developed, both on and offline, to provide a flexible learning solution. The goal of this service was to provide pharmacy staff with the knowledge, skills and confidence to recommend the Puressentiel range.


Changing brand perceptions through extended enterprise learning.

For many people in the UK, including pharmacy staff, aromatherapy is more associated with the beauty and personal care market than healthcare. However aromatherapy oils are potent chemicals that can have proven health benefits. The aromatherapy market for health is already well developed in countries like France and Germany.

Emerging trends in the UK show our increasing interest as a nation in all things natural, organic, vegetarian, and vegan. Therefore, aromatherapy is potentially intertwined with all these trends. Puressentiel viewed the UK as an underdeveloped market and one that provided good opportunities for growth.

To capitalise on this potential, the Puressentiel team realised that healthcare professionals in general, and pharmacy staff in particular, would be key to the success of the new product launch. It was determined that, to achieve this success, the strategy would need to involve training and a change in mindset to build pharmacy awareness of aromatherapy as a health category, and the knowledge and skills to recommend the Puressentiel brand. This was achieved through the activation of an extended learning programme for all pharmacy staff.


The extended enterprise learning programme.

With Precision’s 25 years of experience in developing and delivering learning. We set about developing a series of three interactive training modules for the new product launch.

The extended enterprise learning programme was launched under the banner of the Puressentiel Académie. With the name providing reassurance of the professional content of the new product training.

Each extended enterprise learning module was made available in both hard copy and on-line for the most flexible learning. At the end of each module was a ‘Test Your Knowledge’ quiz, to encourage engagement and involvement. All participants who registered and completed a module were sent a certificate of achievement in recognition of their learning. A Gold certificate was sent to all those completing all three modules.

Due to the fact that Puressentiel products are unlicensed. The company was able to offer an incentive for staff completing all three modules. A free prize draw to win a holiday in Paris and visit Puressentiel’s head office.


Extended enterprise learning: Logging metrics.

Core visual assets and copy were provided by Puressentiel for each of their key aromatherapy ranges. Precision devised and printed all the extended enterprise learning modules, incorporating the interactive ‘Test Your Knowledge’ quiz. We posted the hard copy modules, built the online extended enterprise learning site, and set up the back end reporting system to log all relevant metrics (registrations and completion rates per module). We also sent out the certificates of achievement and logged the number of staff eligible to enter the competition.

Using Precision’s training system, Puressentiel was able to monitor key metrics for the Training Académie in real time. In total, there were 1,271 Pharmacy staff trained, and 547 pharmacies enrolled.


The Precision and Puressentiel partnership.

“At Puressentiel, we are passionate about aromatherapy. When we launched into the UK market, we realised that we had to take on the challenge of educating the British public on the health benefits of aromatherapy products.”


“We also realised that pharmacy distribution, support, and recommendation of Puressentiel brands would be key to the success of the product launch in the UK. So, we called on Precision’s 25 years’ experience in delivering training to pharmacies in order to help us develop and deliver an extended enterprise learning programme for pharmacy staff.”


“The plan was to ensure that all staff had the knowledge, skills and expertise to support this new product launch and recommend the Puressentiel range to their customers. We were delighted with the fact that over 1,200 pharmacy staff from over 500 pharmacies registered to take part in the training.”

David Mitchell, Commercial Director, Puressentiel.