Making every day
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the European Movement.

The European Movement UK believes that if the UK are to prosper, we need to build back our ties with the rest of Europe. How did we help them get that message read, heard and seen!

The European Movement UK

The European Movement UK is a cross-party organisation working to build closer relationships with the EU that they believe will benefit our country. They are powered by more than 12,000 members, some 160,000 supporters, 123 local groups, and have strong networks in Westminster and communities throughout the UK. For more than 70 years, the European Movement has worked to build a closer relationship with the rest of Europe. The countries of the European Union, with whom we share both deeply held values and a common history, are our closest neighbours and natural trading and cultural partners.

Now we are out of the European Union, you may think that there is little left for the European Movement (EM) to do but you would be quite wrong. Now, more than ever, the need for us to re-build relationships with our closest partners are greater than ever.

Through our work with the Labour Party, Precision was approached by the EM to help facilitate getting the stories of a cross section of society read, heard and seen, especially now we have experienced the reality of living outside of the EU, by those making the decisions in government.

Through creating videos of each the people interviewed, we felt that we could provide undiluted insight into the lives of everyday people having to operate outside of the European partnership. We also realised that we would gain greater cut through, if we wrote to each key influencer personally. But that is the reading part of the brief but how do we marry the physical brochure with the digital video so that 10 witnesses could be seen and heard.

Firstly, we had to gather the smorgasbord of digital assets, copy and video, organise it into a cohesive collection of short stories, wrapped within a cloak of creativity. That is where our Head of Creative, Oliver Hilton stepped in. Working with the (very busy) client, Oliver first created a branding pallet of consistent colour themes, from which he created a 28-page brochure that not only looked fabulous but also enticed the reader through each page.

The inclusion of Dynamic QR codes meant that the brochure could never be out of date and the code could quite simply link the reader to a new digital experience. This time it directed the reader to a video, but that video could be updated at any time with fresh content.

In addition, we could measure how many times each story was scanned and viewed at what time and on what date. We could even report on who scanned the code if we wanted to.

Precision, happily for the purposes of the European Movement, have extensive print, finishing and mailing capabilities contained within their Carbon Neutral print room in Bury St Edmunds. We could therefore deliver the full solution from concept through creative to print and distribution without leaving our eco friendly building in Bury St Edmunds.

The European Movement will soon be using Precisions “Connects” platform to empower their 12,000 members across 123 local groups to campaign for closer ties with our friends across the channel. Delivering a national message at a local level and connecting anything thing physical, to everything digital through personalised and dynamic QR codes.


Gary Howard, Chief Digital Officer


Precision opened up a host of opportunities to transform our printed communications from what could be considered as a one dimensional campaign channel into a dynamic, multi-dimensional solution. Precision worked with us to standardise our branding and apply that to everything we do.

Hugo Mann, Director of Partnerships and Engagement, European Movement.