How we kept the team together, while apart with Precision infinity.

Precision has deployed their Precision Infinity online learning platform. Used to help keep furloughed staff and staff working from home motivated and inspired during lockdown. Through a series of professional and personal development online courses.

Providing E-Learning and Well-being during lockdown.

Despite our best attempts to stay in touch. We realised we were facing a major challenge to maintain positivity and well-being amongst our staff. We quickly realised that soon, the novelty of the situation would soon turn to anxiety. Due to the sudden, unplanned change to their routine. Staying connected became a priority. For those not fully engaged with home schooling, we wanted to quickly instil a process where each team member felt that they were both contributing to the team effort and working on their professional development.

We wanted to provide furloughed staff with a continuous connection to the business throughout this time of worry and uncertainty. So it was decided that we would load our Online Learning Platform with free learning. Utilising curated online courses to facilitate distance learning. We also wanted the online learning experience to include solutions for personal development. These may sit outside of their traditional Pre-Covid job function but provide them with additional skills that will suit a Post-Covid economy.

Here we believe that in the Post-Covid economy, distance learning will be the norm. The award winning Precision Infinity Learning Management System will be perfectly positioned to deliver the best value learning management platform. Delivering learning and well-being to your business’s most valuable resource, your people.

We were of course fortunate by having our own online learning and engagement system. That, like with all of our client iterations of the platform, was quick to deploy and designed to deliver both our own learning content and curated learning modules form multiple approved online learning course providers, many of which offer free learning. Having this best value learning solution to hand, that is fully responsive for learning while mobile, to work on all devices made learning in the flow of work or play easy and pleasurable.

It worked for us, perhaps it could work for you too?

A major downside of being separated from your teams for so long is that they become isolated and start to feel a sense of helplessness. We loaded our Learning Platform as a tool to access the free learning packages that are being made available by various organisations at this time. These are nonsector specific programmes that would suit the majority of businesses large and small.

Matthew Caldwell-Nichols, Chairman,
Precision Marketing Group.