Localised Door to Digital.

How SUBWAY™ combined the clever use of data and smart technology to deliver a customised per store, hyper-local offer using personalised and dynamic QR codes.



As the UK hopefully (finally) emerges from lockdown, we thought we'd shine a light on one of the recent QR driven, door to digital campaigns we delivered recently that was a game changer for a global brand.

SUBWAY which has the most locations of any fast-food chain on the planet, with more than 42,000 restaurants, wanted to celebrate the recent Euros football tournament with a fabulous new soccer-inspired menu offering and encourage customers back into stores and to co-promote awareness of the SUBWAY Rewards App. This is the story of how PRECISION transformed a 'one dimensional, one suits all' approach into something localised to hero each store in their location and dynamic use of thousands of personalised QR codes.


Back in 1965, Fred DeLuca planned to become a medical doctor. Searching for a way to fund his education, a friend suggested he open a submarine sandwich shop. Today, the brand is the world’s largest sandwich chain and 4th largest franchise fast-food model.

SUBWAY™ is a global brand that operates in the UK at a hyper-local level focused on serving the communities closest to them.

The challenge PRECISION set out to answer:

“How to make instant impact for the franchise owner through a national direct mail campaign, centralised on a hyper-local delivery model, to support each FO by targeting a typical SUBWAY customer within a 10 minute walk-time of each store while 'localising' the message and uniquely tailoring the price point for each outlet.”


We made the printed mailer digitally connected and 100% trackable, by including multiple dynamic, personalised QR codes. In total, each flyer had 6 unique, data-driven QR codes that included the household address, the local store details and the offer featured on the mail piece.

  • Two QR codes linked the consumer to the Subway Rewards app to gain 250 free points
  • Four QR codes (one per voucher) enabled Precision to track which households redeemed a particular voucher in a specific store and the date and time they did so!

This game-changing mix of DM & Digital reignites the tactile with the digital, provides the customer with more choice and the client with a localised and highly relevant campaign. For this national reach campaign, Precision has transformed everyday mailers into menus that consumers can order directly from.

SUBWAY combined the clever use of data, smart technology, to deliver a customised per store, hyper local offer using personalised and dynamic QR codes.

How we did it.

We needed to provide each franchise owner with the ability to customise each mailer while retaining brand consistency and the economy of scale.

Precision Connects™ becomes Subway™ Connects.

We had to deal with the practical aspect of customising hundreds of artworks with localised store information including personal details and per store price points per meal deal. We also wanted to focus the mailer on a typical Subway customer within a 10-minute walk time of each store.

We adapted our Precision Connects™ platform to suit a nominations process over a self-serve, self-create solution to make interaction by the store as quick and painless as possible. As well as being a sophisticated web 2 mail solution Precision Connects™ offers users access to 27 million, geo-demographically profiled household records.

Using Precision Connects™ to enable all participating stores to make their nomination, we tagged each store with local walk time consumer data to create localised their localised print files.

In total 373 stores, created personalised to store, personalised to household, print-ready files each with 6 personalised and connected QR codes (in total Subway Connects generated 1,865,000 individual QR Codes on the fly) by answering a handful of questions taking no more than 5 minutes.

Direct mail, digitally activated.

We believe that the renaissance of the QR Code, combined with the ability to generate and link personalised QR codes automatically through the Precision Connects™ platform will create a new opportunity for brands looking to create a direct dialogue with their consumers while enabling static advertising to become dynamic and deliver more options to place their order directly with their local store.

Watch the quick video explainer of how to get your brand connected to Connects....



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