Print automation and technological excellence.

Our Bury St Edmunds print & mailing house is not only the first direct marketing factory to be powered by renewable energy but also one of the first to combine data and digital technology to create automated workflows. By doing so, we deliver your campaigns faster, with accuracy and more efficiently to deliver a greater return on investment.

To do this we provide a comprehensive range of best in breed print services to complement our smart insertion and mailing services.

Running across split shifts and weekends to meet the particular demands of time sensitive campaigns, our laser Konica Minolta team routinely print, match and insert 150,000 unique letters a day. Our print teams are running the latest digital printing presses and are producing variable data printed and litho quality printing. Furthermore we can add bespoke finishes with in-line silver and gold foiling. Our production team operate 16 hours a day predominately through our web to print e-commerce solution Connects. Whether it is one page or a larger print run, if multi-page print is needed we have also have a 10 colour litho printer to meet your specification.


Maximum creativity with the benefits of digital.

If the digital printers of today landed not too many years ago, people would say “What is this witchcraft? What sorcery lies beneath to create such masterful magic?” And we mean magic. These printers allow you to realise your creative ambitions whilst maximising the benefits of a digital printing press. You can now combine the value digital is known for:

  • Personalisation,
  • Variable data (text or graphics),
  • Short runs,
  • Cost-effectiveness,
  • Quick turnaround

with speciality effects in the same run. And that single pass is an important step forward. As your work doesn’t need to go through the press more than once, it ensures you get a much tighter registration and higher quality result.

The innovation contained within digital printing technology finally makes it easy to accurately bring your creativity to life and wow your customers.

Speciality finishes such as varnishes and foiling create eye-catching marketing communications or printed materials that help you deliver the right impression. But likewise when printing gold or silver, which can also be problematic, these finishes previously came at a cost.

Digital changes that. You can now combine four-colour imagery with two speciality inks including:

  • Gold,
  • Silver,
  • Metallic hues,
  • White,
  • Clear

Yep, clear ink. And white ink. Watch what people think about the colour white in print.

Real metallic effects, used on their own or layered over conventional four-colour print, deliver stunning iridescent colours that create more ‘wow’. And using white ink now means you can unlock more choice by selecting wonderful colour board and print over the top! Creating new opportunities for unique designs and delivering a brilliant, precise finish.

And of course, clear ink or metallics, when used as a spot colour over text or graphics, create a stunning effect. Even when these areas are personalised!

Want to use more than one spot colour speciality effect? No problem. Want to cost-efficiently achieve more impact through results driving speciality effects? No problem.

Want to digitally print gold, or digitally print silver? No problem.

If you’d like to fnd out more about the indiustry leading print we provide for our clients, call one of the team on 01284 718 900. Doesn’t it sound like a thing of beauty that delivers brilliance to fit your budget.


Environmental impact.

From sustainable papers and vegetable inks to our partnership with the Woodland Trust, recycling and solar power, we work hard to deliver sustainable print solutions. The digital print solutions we use enables us make even more improvements. The technology packed inside requires less heat and therefore reduces our energy consumption on press from over 4 watts per 2 sided A4 page to just over 1 watt. A significant reduction. It also reduces paper waste and the amount of ink used.

Again, more pleasing benefits that help reduce our impact on the environment.

To complete our total print offering, our dedicated inhouse finishing team offer high-quality folding, stitching and trimming service. With insertion, assembly, packing and mailing fulfilment also handled in-house, we’ll go the extra mile to send your mail right to your target’s door.