Personalisation, Localisation equals Optimisation!

Did you know that 65% of addressed direct mail is opened and 27% of direct mail advertising could still be ‘live’, even up to 28 days after delivery*. A personally addressed, direct mail marketing campaign can significantly increase customer engagement. So, we take personalisation of direct mail very seriously.

We have print personalisation options for any format and can inkjet or laser print names and addresses directly onto your mailing campaign. For high speed and high quality we have the latest Konica Minolta mono and colour laser printers. These are perfect for personalised letters and address carrier sheets, our huge laser capacity ensures that we can meet the tightest of print deadlines. Instruct us to add a QR code and you can track the campaign direct to your website! For simple addressing of direct mail postcards, envelopes or brochures we are equipped with the latest high-volume Astrojet inkjet printers.

We also have a Videojet inkjet system that can even print to polythene on our polywrap mailing lines. This versatile machine can be used to print addresses to the reverse of brochures and catalogues as well.

And to maximise postage discounts we have the latest software that allows us to print Mailmark barcodes. In addition to your usual addressing requirement.

Additionally, our digital teams have automated the production of Dynamic Barcodes from each line of prospect data, that enables your direct marketing campaigns to track and trace user engagement, generate leads and report on ROI. This is a major breakthrough in using variable data printed direct mail as a valid alternative to e-mail and PPC. Now the use of QR code is commonplace due to Covid19. We have a frictionless method for engagement to create a bridge between the physical and the digital.

Street Level Marketing plays on the old human behavioural trait of keeping up with the Joneses by letting the neighbours of customers know that you are working with one of their neighbours. This is hyper-local marketing solution that would benefit from the postal discounts offered by Partially Addressed (Minimum quantities apply) and would also benefit from the track and trace benefits delivered by Dynamic QR codes.

To further maximise the ability to achieve postal discounts we have developed Consort which. Cleverly, mail sorts a campaign post-production to help us maximise postal discounts and deliver huge efficiency gains.


65% addressed mail is opened.
27% is live in the home up to 28 days later.

* (Source: JICMAIL Mail Media Metrics, A new currency for mail 2018).