Partnering with Royal Mail to deliver an online direct marketing platform for SMEs.

COVID-19 has not just threatened the physical and mental health of the world’s population; the virus has also rocked the economy harder and faster than any other crisis since World War II. The Chancellor has taken decisive and, in many ways, unprecedented action to shore up the UK economy through the Job Retention Scheme and other initiatives such as ‘Eat Out to Help Out’. With our partners Royal Mail, we also wanted to do something that would help the economy fight back, especially the SME sector (Small to Medium Enterprises).

Customer acquisition for SMEs.

Businesses are more likely to fail post-lockdown if they cannot increase the number of customers through the door or online. We wanted to provide a service that would make it easier for these businesses to grow with existing sales, and to win new business in their local area. Royal Mail AdMailer is a direct marketing solution that will assist businesses to move forward as lockdown measures ease. The service will provide online access to local, geodemographically profiled household data to be used for digital direct marketing campaigns to help these businesses define the audience they want to attract. This will be combined with a range of creative concepts designed to support multiple sectors. In addition to the ability to create and upload customers’ own artwork. The SME can design their communication online and deliver that message to the audience that is most likely to buy. Working directly with Royal Mail, the small independent can link to Royal Mail’s distribution and their range of postal incentive programmes to reduce their postal costs.  

Free to use up to point of purchase.

The Royal Mail AdMailer platform is not restricted by minimum order quantities or spend, enabling businesses of all sizes to benefit. Through the easy-to-navigate map drawing tool, which uses Google Maps to determine the location of the search. Be it local or national, the user has a helicopter view of every household in the UK. Users can zoom to the street or even the household that is being targeted. Royal Mail AdMailer will also feature the recently launched Partially Addressed postal service. Therefore, reducing the cost of advertising mail by a massive 4p, providing hand-delivered mail for a 16p postal cost. As businesses slowly and carefully recover from a period of lockdown. Royal Mail AdMailer will provide a local advertising tool to assist SMEs to acquire new customers and communicate with existing customers. This in turn will help to rebuild businesses to the similar levels they were enjoying before lockdown.  

Online direct marketing services for SMEs.

Royal Mail has played their part in making sure the country survives this pandemic. Our frontline post men and women should be enormously proud of what they have achieved. We wanted to find a way to help our SME business community get back on their feet, fast. The AdMailer platform from Precision, combined with Royal Mail front-line delivery services, provides the perfect combination of expertise, production and logistics to make winning new business easy and cost effective.
Luisa Fulci, Commercial Director Consumer and SME at Royal Mail
A collaboration with Royal Mail and Precision’s highly intuitive online platform. Delivering data driven, localised direct marketing for small and medium sized businesses, was a match simply waiting to happen. At a time when we all need to collaborate more. We felt that the best way to succeed would be to work with one of the largest and most respected distribution partners in the world. We believe that the UK’s SME community will be keen to build up their order books as quickly as possible. They are the absolute bedrock of our economy, we will be delighted to offer this service to them without subscription or licence.
Gary Howard, Chief Digital Officer at Precision