Making everyday campaigning dynamic for the European Movement.

Precision provided the end-to-end solution for The European Movement UK, enabling them to achieve their mission through outreach strategies to build back our ties with the rest of Europe.

The European Movement UK (EM) is a cross-party organisation working to build closer relationships with the EU that they believe will benefit our country. They are powered by more than 12,000 members, some 160,000 supporters, 123 local groups, and have strong networks in Westminster and communities throughout the UK. For more than 70 years, the European Movement has worked to build a closer relationship with the rest of Europe.

Now we are out of the European Union, you may think that there is little left for the EM. However, the need for us to re-build relationships with our closest partners is greater than ever. Precision was approached by the EM to help facilitate getting the stories of a cross section of society read, heard, and seen, especially now we have experienced the reality of living outside of the EU, by those making the decisions in government.


Revitalising connections post-Brexit

By producing individualised videos for each interviewee, we aimed to offer unfiltered insights into the lives of ordinary individuals navigating beyond the European partnership. Recognising the need for optimal impact, we adopted a personalised approach in reaching out to key influencers. The real challenge was then how we seamlessly integrate the tangible brochure with the digital video, allowing the audience to both see and hear the perspectives of the ten witnesses.

Our initial step involved curating a diverse array of digital assets, including copy and video content, meticulously organised to craft a unified collection of narratives which are creatively aesthetic. Taking the lead in this creative process, our Head of Creative collaborated closely with the client to establish a cohesive 28-page brochure, employing a branding palette defined by consistent colour themes.


Real-time analytics

The inclusion of dynamic QR codes meant that the brochure could never be ‘out of date’ and the code could quite simply link the reader to a new digital experience. This time it directed the reader to a video, but that video could be updated at any time with fresh content. In addition, we could measure how many times each individual story was scanned and viewed, at what time, and on what date. We could even report on who scanned the code if we wanted to.

Incorporating dynamic QR codes proved pivotal, ensuring the brochure’s continual relevance by directing readers to a continually updated digital experience. This link, in turn, led to a video whose content could be refreshed at any moment. Moreover, the inclusion of QR codes allows for direct analytics, enabling us to track the frequency and timing of individual story scans, as well as identify the specific individuals scanning the code if necessary. This innovative approach not only ensured the enduring relevance of our materials but also provided valuable insights into audience engagement.

Precision opened up a host of opportunities to transform our printed communications from what could be considered as a one-dimensional campaign channel into a dynamic, multi-dimensional solution. Precision worked with us to standardise our branding and apply that to everything we do.

Hugo Mann, Director of Partnerships and Engagement, European Movement.

Precision seamlessly provided the end-to-end solution for EM, encompassing conceptualisation, creative development, printing, and sustainable distribution. By creating dynamic content, including videos of diverse individuals navigating life outside the EU, and integrating QR codes into a creatively designed brochure, Precision ensured a multi-dimensional and impactful campaign. All operations were executed within our environmentally responsible, carbon-neutral hub, ensuring a sustainable and impactful approach to every project.