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Send targeted email campaigns through Connects as a follow up to your mailing.

Working in unison, the power of data driven e-mail marketing in the battle to win new customers.

Providing outstanding live-in care, with the highest possible rating from the CQC our client offers one simple thing. Care without compromise. They maybe one of the best providers of live in care in the UK but their services are specialist and suitable to select group in need.

The campaign audience

Baby Boomers are the post-war generation defined more formally as those born between 1946 and 1964. In 2020, they will be aged between 56 and 74 and account for nearly 14.3 million (21.3%) of the UK’s population. Our glorious pensioners are living longer. Their population is getting bigger, but they do need help and they need help in their own homes.

What is also a misconception is that Baby Boomers are not as active digitally as other segments but again that is a misnomer. 95% of Baby Boomers regularly use email and they have more time than most. Obviously we are big advocate of the power of direct mail but send a good proportion e-mail campaigns to compliment the campaign.

Digital media has had a major impact on both consumer behaviour and marketing communications.

As digital usage has grown, the core strengths of mail have not only endured but increased. Consumers are clear that mail and email have different qualities which make each suited to different things. Because consumers move seamlessly between the physical and online worlds, mail actually generates a great deal of online activity. Both mail and email are able to drive consumer action. Using mail and email together in a planned way builds on the strengths of each. This gives you the greatest chance of maximising the effectiveness of your direct communications.

Let us take a close look at the campaign.


The brief:

Looking for individuals 70 plus who would have the means to support a personal live-in carer.

We provided our client with 3 marketing options, which could be executed within hours, all reaching their target audience.

  1. Direct Mail Campaign– reaching 25,862 households.
  2. Email Campaign – reaching 9,101 households.
  3. Smart Door Drop– reaching 18,000 households

We also suggested a new audience option, being the family or loved one of someone who would generally use their service. As family are often a key stakeholders in such a big decision.

Our client thought reaching out to Family or supports of their main service users would be a great audience to get in touch with. They revised audience targeting are per our guidance. To influencers who are in age category 50 – 60, with the means of supporting their loved ones with full time in home care; as the cost of professional live in care retails at £85,000 per year.

Deciding to trial an email campaign, but wanting to be certain that all Data was fully GDPR compliant. We provided information including data provider, how customer opted in, how we know this is current data, any segmentation/preference towards care. Providing full confidence in the campaign.

Precision Connects were able to source 72,000 householder emails fitting the audience segmentation targeting and subsequently our client targeted 12,000 of those with the highest new worth.


Summary of the Campaign

Opens Open Rate Click Through CT Rate
1642 14.20% 140 8.50%

The Care provider was so happy with the results of the campaign. They have since run an additional campaign to the same audience advertising their up and coming information on care webinar’s to the same audience across multiple counties.