National Education Union (NEU) annual renewal of 425,000 union members.

Precision Marketing facilitated a 425,000-strong membership renewal campaign by utilising sustainable and efficient direct mail marketing methods.

With an annual requirement to reach out to all members quickly and efficiently. The NEU again entrusted Precision to provide a complete print, post and returns campaign. Membership and association communications are a speciality for us at Precision; timely campaign management is in our DNA.

Printed materials were supplied via our in house solar-powered sustainable print unit. Also using the latest vegetable based inks and printed to FSC approved paper. The pack included both a renewal form with a high quality integrated membership card and a Business Reply envelope to allow members to easily respond to the mailing with their renewal request.


The finer details of membership mailings.

Having studied the requirements for the campaign. Our senior account management team set to work on the planning and scheduling tasks to ensure that the mailing campaign could be printed and delivered comfortably within the allocated timeframe. As direct mail specialists. We are aware of our capability to facilitate the large number of mailings required to address all NEU members; however, it was also imperative that we execute the campaign sustainably and at a competitive price for our client.

Before we could laserpersonalise the renewal form. To begin with, our data experts completed the address sortation to ensure that the NEU got the very best postage discount. There was further data processing to set the mail-merge personalisation to the appropriate areas of the renewal form.

Personalised print was completed in our secure print unit using three high-speed Konica Minolta mono laser printers. The personalised print was swiftly handed over to our solar powered mail production unit. Which we created to reduce the carbon footprint of all our direct mail marketing campaigns. Whilst also helping to establish Precision as a sustainable marketing brand.

With over 25 years of bulk mail experience. The deadline was met comfortably within the timeframe provided. After that the campaign was transferred to the trusted hands of Royal Mail.

This marked the completion of phase one! As part of our total campaign solution, the NEU additionally contracted us to complete the returns campaign with the renewal forms being delivered directly to the Precision offices. Meanwhile, this was met with an agreed KPI in place to split the responses into 11 categories upon the date of receipt of the incoming mail. The information for the returns mailing campaign was captured and shared and the same day with the NEU.


Direct mail solutions.

Membership renewals is just one of the many business mailings that we handle for associations, unions, the education and healthcare sectors and many others. Always using the latest technology and sustainable solutions, Precision is the go-to direct mail marketing provider for some of the UK’s largest organisations.