Innovative subscription service model to revolutionise the way consumers purchase healthcare product Hana®

Precision provided a unique, full eCommerce direct to consumer distribution service for Perrigo. From eCommerce ordering through a subscription service or one-time purchase, to pick, pack and delivery direct to customers.

In 2021, history was made as progestogen-only contraceptive pills (the ‘mini pill’) containing desogestrel became available to buy over the counter without a prescription. Hana is one of these pills. Women and those who can get pregnant are free to choose their contraception and to purchase it on their terms, without having to wait for a doctor’s appointment.

After the success of Precision’s end-to-end eCommerce fulfilment service for emergency contraceptive pill ellaOne, Perrigo were keen to introduce a similar site specifically designed for Hana. To exceed customer expectation and create an ease of regular purchase, Hana can be purchased as a one-time 3 month-pack, or uniquely through a subscription service. Precision were able to provide Perrigo with a comprehensive distribution management solution, giving the customer full flexibility through the launch of a convenient, completely discreet eCommerce fulfilment delivery service.


Our eCommerce solution

As consumers continue to turn to the internet for their purchase of healthcare products, it was fundamental that an effective eCommerce platform was implemented. Precision put together the ultimate end-to-end eCommerce solution, which stands apart from its competitors. Starting with the eCommerce site design, which was optimized for mobile first, order processing, subscription management, pick, pack and dispatch, and delivery to the customer’s destination of choice. In addition to all the necessary sales, stock, and financial reconciliation and reporting, we also provide full customer service management, and have access to our own pharmacist who can offer medical advice if required.

Recent studies suggest that UK consumers predominantly use subscription services for price (47%), and convenience (41%). Coinciding with the mini pill now being available without a prescription, Perrigo were keen to utilise both aspects into the delivery of Hana – this is where the subscription element comes in. Subsequently, this innovation provides customers with a hassle-free, and convenient way to access their contraception. Customers could now subscribe to receive Hana on a rolling subscription at a discounted price, with no minimum sign-up, and without having to remember to re-order or answer any medical questions for the next 12-months.

To further enhance the customer experience, Hana is shipped in discreet packaging, and contains an additional information leaflet about the product and the subscription service. Various payment methods, including Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal are accepted – giving the customer further flexibility and a shortened purchase journey.

During a study conducted on behalf of Perrigo, 73% of consumers report that their reason for purchasing Hana online was due to wanting to have the pill ‘directly sent’ to their door, and a further 62% stated that ‘struggled to get an appointment with a GP’. This reinforces the importance of Hana being available for consumers to purchase online without needing to visit their GP or even leave the house; a true revolution for the healthcare industry.


eCommerce site design.

The eCommerce website design makes it possible for customers to complete their purchase in as few as 5 steps, setting it further apart from its competitors. Hana customers could now:

  • Complete a short and simple questionnaire to check eligibility for the purchase of Hana, which is then approved by a registered Pharmacist. This is a requirement for the purchase of a P (Pharmacy Sale) medicine. If required, the Pharmacist can have a confidential conversation with the customer before advising on purchase.
  • Choose from a one-time purchase, or ‘subscribe and save’ with a hassle-free subscription service with no minimum sign up which can be cancelled at any time.
  • Be reassured that they can contact a trained member of the Customer Services team 24 hours a day, by email or by telephone.
  • Receive clear information via email and SMS communications to keep informed of the ordering process and delivery.
  • Receive their product direct to their chosen location in totally discreet packaging.


Safety behind the scenes.

The safety of customers is paramount in the supply of any licensed medicines. In the design and development of the Hana Direct eCommerce site, an assessment of potential drug interactions and medical conditions had to be built in, to ensure that Hana could not be supplied to an individual for which it is not suitable.

Precision’s highly skilled team of in-house eCommerce site developers devised an algorithm that ensured the Supervising Pharmacist could intervene and contact any customer that was classed as requiring a follow-up consultation. All orders flagged by the site as ‘Needs Approval’ were then contacted by the Pharmacist for a confidential discussion before offering appropriate advice on supply of Hana.


End-to-end eCommerce fulfilment services.

At Precision, we understand that eCommerce is an increasingly important and growing channel of distribution for products within many industries. But many companies, especially SMEs, often do not have the knowledge, skill, or ability within their team to manage the eCommerce fulfilment that accompanies this relatively new distribution channel. For medicines, in particular, there is the added challenge of gaining MHRA approval of warehouse and distribution facilities. This is where Precision excels!

Our end-to-end eCommerce fulfilment service for clients allows us to:

  • Store stock in our MHRA licensed warehouse, where we can then pick, pack, and dispatch your product.
  • Full eCommerce site design, development and build from our carbon neutral headquarters.
  • Medical advice through our trusted pharmacist.
  • A fully trained 24-hour Customer Service team via telephone and/or email.
  • Trusted courier services to meet with delicate time frames.