Successfully delivering a good night’s sleep for millions.

Successfully delivering a good night’s sleep for millions with eCommerce fulfilment 24/7 (most of the online traffic is at night).

Precision crafted a complete eCommerce solution for the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association (BSSAA), from website design to pick, pack and despatch.

We all know someone who struggles to sleep at night. For some it’s insomnia, for most it’s because their partner snores like the brass section of the London Philharmonic. As a matter of fact, it is not a joking matter for many. Sleep deprivation is a genuine problem, affecting mood and ability to function normally. The British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association (BSSAA) were looking to deliver a good night sleep for millions through combining the latest help and advice pages with an online shop.

The British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association (BSSAA) has been in operation since 1991 and has been the go-to advice resource for those who suffer with snoring and sleep apnoea. Mostly, it is the partner that seeks the help of the BSSAA, normally late at night and in a stressful state of utter exhaustion.


The eCommerce marketing strategy.

When Precision were first introduced to the BSSAA. We were set multiple challenges to deliver an outsourced, full service, direct to consumer eCommerce solution, including:

  • The design and build of a new website to operate as an advice centre and eCommerce platform with a user-centric design. Hosted and maintained through our in-house digital team.
  • Making the process of buying products online easy and attractive.
  • Delivering a customer support team to answer customer order queries and offer advice on the BSSAA’s sleep aid products.
  • Providing product warehousing and stock management, with a team to pick, pack and dispatch the eCommerce orders.
  • Enabling a fully trackable delivery network.
  • Producing spend-analysis and trend reporting through our in-house data team.


Complete marketing and communications.

Marketing your online shop can be difficult. Especially if you are wearing many hats and juggling several jobs relating to the running of your business. BSSAA were able to outsource their marketing and communications to Precision, freeing up a large amount of resource on their end.

BSSAA needed a marketing communications strategy to assist the over-250,000 registered users of the resource, as well as attract new users to buy their products. This required a dedicated product marketing and customer communications team to provide SEO, digital advertising and Amazon Marketplace management.

So, we did just that. The process of hand over from the previous provider to Precision took approximately three weeks. Throughout, registered users continued to be supported. Our Bury St Edmunds warehouse and fulfilment centre created the space to take ownership of the product SKUs. Coupled with the product and customer services teams undertook extensive product knowledge training (which for some, resulted in a more harmonious relationship with their own partners).

The digital team set about creating a new front-end experience and back-end warehouse and stock management environment. Dedicated customer services lines were installed, and social media pages established. The CMS used made it easy for the BSSAA team of experts to continually update their advice pages. We also created multiple channels for sufferers to ask questions and seek support.

This took place over just three (long) weeks. But the one consolation is that we did sleep well each night when we finally got home!


The team behind the partnership.

What we realised was that establishing both the new digital and physical infrastructure for the BSSAA web site was simply the starting line for the adventure. As soon as we took official ‘ownership’, we then started developing our customer and community management strategy.

Victoria Driver took control of the product marketing and communication strategy.

With over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare sector, Vicky was the natural choice to take on the challenge of building awareness of the BSSAA brand and product offering. Vicky managed the customer services team and threw in a bit of project management along the way. Obviously, she wasn’t alone.

To complete the team. Robert McDonald (no, he was born in St Albans) started the long and winding road that is Search Engine Optimisation. Robert has a degree in Computer Science and a background in data analysis. As well as a penchant for wearing kilts (yes, he was born in St Albans) at company gatherings. All three team members joined forces to manage the all-important Amazon Marketplace. In three weeks, we established the platform; in two years we helped make BSSAA the success it is today.

It is truly remarkable what Precision have managed to achieve. They have enabled us to focus on our research and patient advice. While they have enabled us to outsource 99.9% of the build and management of our site, the warehousing and distribution of our product while growing our community of 250,000 happy and well rested customers.