The media that refuses to die is defying expectation – our insights into 2023…

Jess Walmsley

The media that refuses to die is defying expectation – our insights into 2023…

by Jess Walmsley

As we move forwards into 2023, the pondering question over Direct Mail remains at the centre of many marketers’ minds. With the power of social media and digital marketing strategies taking over, many view direct mail as outdated and ineffective. But, with 293 billion emails being sent, over 300 million posts made on Facebook, and over 95 million photos and videos being published on Instagram each day, it is essential that you cut through the digital noise.

Printed mail is trustworthy, read, and engaged with by 91% of consumers who receive it. With 42% of recipients seeking more information online after receiving direct mail, it is a key partner channel which you should consider incorporating within your marketing strategy. Moreover, with Precision Connects, we bridge the gap between the physical and the digital by helping you find your dream audience, put your message (literally) in their hands, and digitally track your soaring ROI.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some reasons why direct mail campaigns will be trending in 2023.


1. Millennials and Gen-Z

The mindsets of these generations are beginning to shift, as they move to spending less time online. With Gen-Z in particular having a strong influence on targeted marketing, such individuals should not be discounted moving into 2023. See the article for a true Gen-Z perspective on direct mail.


2. Overcrowding

With consumers seeing numerous digital ads per day, and their inboxes flooded with never-ending junk mail; they have almost become immune to digital marketing as ads become saturated. Research would suggest that an average of 75% of consumers admit to finding the high quantity of digital ads ‘overwhelming’, and consumer’s trust levels towards marketing and advertising efforts is down to just 37%. Break away from overcrowding and oversaturation by thinking smart with your marketing efforts: send out an engaging printed mail piece!


3. Success is measurable

Being able to track the ROI of any campaign is essential, and the simplest way to do so is by adding unique, trackable QR codes to each piece. Each QR code can then have a set CTA though adding a URL, whether that be leading the consumer directly to your website, to a unique landing page… there are endless options! This gives ‘Real Time’ reporting at household level, whereby purchases can be directly attributed to DM from the unique to household QR code.

4. Longer lifecycle

As a piece of physical direct mail has an estimated lifespan of 17 days, which in comparison to an email which is glanced at for a measly 2 seconds, showcases that direct mail is the real winner. With many of us continuing to work at home post-pandemic, the letterbox becomes an even more effective communication channel. Direct mail allows you to (physically) stand apart from the crowded digital noise and can even create physical conversations – showcasing its shareability and engagement with an entire household, rather than one individual who simply hits ‘delete’ as soon as an email lands in their inbox.

5. Personalisation

Moreover, adding an aspect of personalisation can lead to a 135% increase in response rates. This method will further allow you to measure the effectiveness of your campaign and enables you to communicate directly to your audience in a tailored way. In addition, you can then build trust and enhance customer loyalty, which in turn drives sales and generates greater revenue.

6. Sustainable

‘Go paperless’ and ‘go green’ are common messages which we see organisations using to entice their customers to switch to digital communications, suggesting that these methods are more environmentally friendly than paper-based communications. This is not always the case. Electronic e-waste is a growing problem, and is anticipated to reach 65.3 tonnes worldwide by 2025. In contrast, paper is a sustainable, and uniquely renewable product – pair that with a carbon neutral, solar powered HQ, and you’re really ticking off those sustainability boxes!


In Summary

Utilising direct mail as a channel remains relevant, and an essential component within any communications in the digital age. It’s personalised, reliable, tangible, targeted, sustainable, and cost-effective. The Precision Connects platform allows you to supercharge your campaigns by finding your perfect audience, create your campaign, and track the results all in one space. When planning your marketing strategy, be sure to keep in mind the power of print!

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