Managing your Amazon marketplace and social media.

Unlike traditional retailers, the Amazon P&L can be challenging to balance. For instance, Chargebacks, Coop fees and damages can add up and go unreported. Precision specialises in Amazon distribution and aims to make it as clear as possible by handling the day-to-day Vendor and Seller Central management. Better still, by allowing us to manage the end-to-end process we take accountability for the operational performance.

Vendor and Seller Hybrid Capabilities

One of Precision’s key advantages is the ability to sell for clients on Amazon through both Vendor and Seller Central. This hybrid approach ensures no stock-outs due to poor Amazon forecasting. As a result, the client’s products are always available. Amazon’s algorithm penalises any manufacturer who doesn’t have SKU’s available 24/7 by lowering them on search results. Despite the fact, this is often because of successful above the line campaign or worse yet poor stock management from their side.


Licensed and MHRA Approved Distribution Warehousing

Precision holds a MHRA WDA (H) licence at its warehouse facility in Suffolk. This includes a Quality Management System (QMS) that satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001. Therefore, Precision operate a controlled environment that ensures optimum storage conditions for all clients’ products. This includes temperature monitoring, restricted access and designated areas are provided for each of our clients’ products.


Amazon Marketing Services Optimisation

Amazon Listing Optimisation

Precision has a dedicated team of people who fully understanding the intricacies of the Amazon algorithm optimising clients organic search results on Amazon.

Precision’s strategy for clients is to: –

  • Implement our knowledge of A9
  • Manage all organic search factors to optimise SEO
  • Work side by side with the client team to install and manage listings

Sponsored Products & Brands

On Amazon, sponsored search has been proven to be one of the most cost-effective way to market products.


Sponsored Products

  • Research

The first element of Precision’s approach is research based, so we fully review the market. This allows us to increase sales with minimal spend, taking the ‘low hanging fruit’ approach as a starting point.

  • Keywords and Consumer Insight

This research phase then allows us to implement the second element of the strategy by analysing the market through keywords and consumer insight. By understanding the consumer behaviour behind the searches and implementing A: B testing for the adverts, Precision can drive consistent improvements in ACoS (Amazon Advertising Cost of Sales) conversion rates.


Sponsored Brands

An allied strategy to boosting sponsored products is to sponsor brands. Thus, provides the opportunity to showcase the whole product range. This provides the consumer with the reassurance and authority of a key brand.


Product Display Ads

This Amazon mechanic impacts higher up the Amazon ‘sales funnel’ than Sponsored Products. Not to mention it has the added advantage that it can be targeted specifically at clients’ competitors. The strategy is to target specific SKU within the competitive set, so providing visibility for client products as well as encouraging brand switching. The response and conversion rates from keyword activity provide key insights into competitor products and keywords to target.


Brand Storefront

Brand Storefronts are an underused way of optimising the space on Amazon. Precision can use its Amazon SEO knowledge and expertise to work with clients to create a bespoke Brand Store. This strategy goes beyond merely selling a product, and provides consumers with all the advice, knowledge and support they require about the brand.

This is particularly of use in the Health and Personal Care arena where it can help consumers to self-diagnose and implement their own self-care treatment regimen. This type of ‘upstreaming’ typically results in consumers choosing to visit the Brand Store for broader advice on their health or personal care issues, not just for product information. Additionally, it provides the basis for developing a long-term added value proposition for the brand and builds brand loyalty.


Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) Review

AMS is reviewed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. To ensure both, maximum ACoS efficiencies (Advertising Cost of Sale), and implementation of AI results for future customers.


Strategy Review Check

Within client companies, the day to day running of the Amazon account is typically part of a broader job role. Often including other retailer accounts, digital communications and/or customer services.

This provides an ongoing challenge for the Key Account or Brand Manager responsible for Amazon, as working practices move at a very fast pace. Therefore, it is a challenge to constantly keep up to date, even for those focused on it.

Precision offers a Quarterly or Bi-annual ‘Strategy Review Check’ aimed at:

  • Examining the impact of changes/updates in the marketplace
  • Analysing and reviewing client activity on Amazon
  • Competitive review
  • Challenges for brand/category
  • Opportunities for the future

As a reminder of Amazon’s power, back in 2019 Amazon ousted 10,000 merchants from is Vendor Programme with no prior notice. Given that, it is hard for an individual company to manage the impact of such initiatives. However, because Precision has access to numerous Vendor and Seller campaign programmes, it can provide a top-line overview of any changes that may affect its clients.


Social Media Support

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter Account Creation

Set up on Social Media is critical to building awareness of brands. It will increase exposure to potential customers, gather more leads, help boost SEO. As well as, increase traffic to the website and to Amazon to purchase. Social Media activity can be targeted very precisely to target audience demographics; those who are most likely to purchase the brand.

The strategy for Facebook will be to use a combination of category, and product posts to ensure the best chance of driving engagement. Typically, Precision advocates running 5 posts per week – 3 category and 2 product-related.


Facebook/Instagram/Twitter Queries

In addition to posts on Social Media, it is crucial that resource is allocated to respond to their social media queries. For some consumer groups, this is now often the default method for communicating with a company or brand. And to maintain engagement with consumers its vital that these communications are handled quickly, efficiently and in line with the brand strategy and messaging.

This needs to happen as fast, if not faster, than communication via more traditional routes such as email. Precision has the knowledge, skills, and experience to manage this communication channel efficiently and effectively.


Facebook/Instagram/Twitter Advertising

Precision not only has the expertise to run client Social Media campaign but we can take existing brand assets. Together with our in-house design team, we design and develop advertising campaigns specifically for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These ads can direct customers to purchase product either through a brand Webshop or Amazon.