Sustainable merchandise for student retention.

With a focus on sustainability, and an aim to build and maintain a relationship with their new students, Anglia Ruskin University required an end-to-end supply, fulfilment, and distribution of their welcome packs.

With around 285 higher education institutions across the UK, the importance of student retention is at an all-time high. The programme of student retention begins and lasts for as long as they are with you. In addition to regular communications, and with a strong focus on sustainability, Anglia Ruskin University were keen to send their new students a welcome pack as a tangible introduction to their next steps in education.

The decision to start studying at University is only the first step of the journey for a student, and with 7 in 10 students considering ‘dropping out’, maintaining a relationship with new students even before they start their journey with you is essential. Anglia Ruskin recognised the need to communicate with their students in a way which portrays their sustainable values, whilst also providing students with all the relevant information before their studies commence.


Our sustainable solution

Precision were able to supply and fulfil the mailing of branded thermal water bottles, re-usable coffee cups, notebooks, and pens as part of various welcome packs to their students. In addition, the welcome packs included information on services and facilities, including accessing timetables, maps, library information, support services and more. These were all sent from our carbon neutral headquarters, based in the heart of Suffolk.

Working with a direct mail and merchandise provider which holds the same sustainable values was an important deciding factor, in addition to providing the following:

  • A cost-effective solution.
  • A boost in student retention and relationships with new starters.
  • Helps reduce the use of single use waste.
  • Has a lower carbon impact on the environment.


Maintaining relationships

Success relies heavily on the University and its students having positive relationships. When a student feels part of a supportive community, they are more likely to engage with their studies, thus producing higher academic success. It is, however, the maintenance of this relationship which has the greatest impact. Student retention can be a struggle, particularly within the current climate of higher education.

By sending out their welcome packs, Anglia Ruskin immediately created that desired relationship with their new students, giving them a sense of belonging, and reiterating that they have made the correct academic choice. It also creates that initial talking point between fellow students on their first day. The addition of branded water bottles and coffee cups alongside the information leaflets creates value and promotes advocacy, whilst also conveying the physical values of the University and its sustainable commitments.

Having a positive representation of your establishment with your students from the offset and moving forwards is vital as they continue and complete their academic programme with you. Moreover, a University with a higher retention rate is more likely to attract more new students, as your current ones then become your greatest advocates.