Enymatica’s ColdZyme.

Fast, flexible, and comprehensive healthcare logistics support for Enymatica’s ColdZyme product – ensuring continuity of supply of product to major customers including Boots and Amazon.

Precision offer a 3rd party logistics service that combines the speed and flexibility of a smaller operation with well-established links to major customers -all supported by the systems and processes to operate at pharmaceutical standards of efficiency and control.

As a Swedish based company, Enzymatica were looking for a 3rd party logistics company to support their rapidly growing business in the UK.

ColdZyme is a revolutionary and unique mouth spray that fights the virus that causes the common cold. Used protectively, ColdZyme, can help shorten the duration of a cold, by acting on the cold virus itself instead of just helping to relieve the symptoms.

Based on these credentials, ColdZyme has been stocked by two of the biggest players in the UK healthcare market, Boots and Amazon.


Fast, flexible end to end logistics support.

Given the volatility of the common cold market in the UK, for Enyzmatica, continuity of supply was paramount. They were keen to partner with a logistics support team who were small and flexible Enymatica’s ColdZyme. Enough to give ColdZyme the individual care and attention it required, but also backed by established links, supply chain support systems and processes with the big players in the UK market.


Pharmaceutical Warehousing.

As an established healthcare logistics support company, at Precision we were able to take ColdZyme, a Class III Medical Device, into our MHRA approved pharmaceutical warehousing facilities. These facilities are licensed to store pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer products, and health & beauty products.


State of the Art Order Management System.

Precision already provides 3rd party logistics support to several companies, and so has established links with all the UK key retailers. We were able to load ColdZyme onto our established Order Management system and use our existing supply chain to deliver ColdZyme to these customers. This provides economies of scale and optimises costs for all our clients.


Healthcare trained Customer Services Team.

All companies want to say that their Order Management systems are free from any queries, but ultimately there are still humans involved in the process, so a few queries are inevitable. On the rare occasion that they occur, it is important that they are owned by the logistics support provider. As an MHRA approved facility Precision prides itself on the specialist knowledge and training of its dedicated Customer Service team. They take personal responsibility for sorting out any clients queries quickly and efficiently, following all the necessary SOP’s required along the way.


Latest ColdZyme clinical study results.

Enzymatica are leaders in the field of barrier technology for infection control. Their work in this field led to the publication of a new in vitro study, the results of which were announced on 20th July, during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. It shows the ability of ColdZyme to deactivate SARS- CoV-2 under laboratory conditions, the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Logistics support during the COVD-19 crisis.

During the COVID-19 crisis there has been a huge surge in orders for ColdZyme, but throughout this period, the logistics support provided by Precision has ensured continuity of supply for ColdZyme to its major customers.


Logistics Support without the hassle.

Precision’s MHRA approved facilities, state of the art Order Management systems, well-established supply chain to major retailers and excellent dedicated Customer Service back-up ensures we can fast, flexible, first class logistic support. This takes all the hassle out of getting product where it needs to go and takes the pressure off the manufacturer to have to manage this vital link in getting product to the end user.

Quote from client.

With our expanding business we were looking for a team who ‘knew the ropes’ in the UK market. ColdZyme is a Class III Medical Device so we were keen to work with a company that had experience in handling the rigours of distributing healthcare products, including working with products requiring temperature-controlled conditions. We wanted to work with a company that was small enough to be accessible, fast and flexible for our needs, but that also had established links to the major UK customers, and all the systems and processes to back this up. Precision provide an excellent end to end service for us, ensuring we keep all our major customer stocked with ColdZyme, and we’ve been delighted with the support we’ve received to date – long may it continue.

UK Marketing Manager