Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

By having individual practice prescribing data, an understanding of the population profiles that each practice serves and the pharmacies local to that practice, we are able to provide true ‘through the line’ campaigns targeted to the specific areas with the greatest potential for return.

We have built our own unique platform to provide this insight and integrated it with other market intelligence tools. Not only can we be very precise about who we need to speak to and what to say to elicit a response, we can then also show the return on investment by proving the change in their behaviour.

For OTC and consumer health brands we work with detailed data in pharmacy to improve targeting as well as customer understanding to improve e-commerce shopping – either direct or through Amazon.

We knew Precision would apply their business and market insights to keep our brand fresh, forward-thinking and of course, stunning. Precision have already injected their knowledge and creativity into our advertising and direct mail campaigns, and we look forward to receiving equally fantastic response rates from those too.

Some of our recent brand experience:

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